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Teascape Chiayi

Visiting tea plantations, bumping into cherry blossoms, encountering clouds,Alishn is around mist and brings me to the touching moments of the old days.Spontaneously,
I grab a leaf diffusing unique aroma in the mountain town.Red cypress trees are standing tall and waiting for the moment of sunrise.This is a tea journey, and I soak in the scenery.
  • No. 516, Zhongxiao Road, East District , Chiayi City, Taiwan
  • Tel: +886 5 2280 555
  • Fax: +886 5 2778 066
  • Email:




National Freeway No. 1
Exit at the Chiayi Interchange and take Beigang Road to the city center
Turn left at Boai Road Section 2 and go straight
Cross the Boai bridge
Turn left on Zhongxiao Road upon exiting the bridge
Go straight up Zhongxiao Road to No.516

National Freeway No. 3
Exit at the Zhuchi Interchange, and go towards the city center
Take Taiwan Highway No.159 to Linsen East Road
Linsen East Road joins Zhongxiao Road
Go straight up Zhongxiao Road to No.516


TrainExit Chiayi Railway Station and take taxi directly to Teascape Chiayi. Or, take local train to Chabei Railway Station, and take a taxi or walk to Teascape Chiayi.


Please tell the taxi driver loudly: I’m going to the first tea-theme hotel – Teascape Chiayi (05-2280555), No. 516, Zhongxiao Road, East District, Chiayi City.


Take the Chiayi county bus (THSR BRT bus) to Chiayi Railway Station and then take a taxi to Teascape Chiayi.